Rengoku no Karma Chapter 1

I just read this recently and apparently it’s not translated?

Thought it was pretty good.


18 thoughts on “Rengoku no Karma Chapter 1

  1. Thank you for doing this. If your willing would love to see more.

    There seems to a group translating it to Thai, but as far as I can tell no English groups have touched it yet.


  2. Thank you! this manga looks pretty ossom ’till now *^*!
    I’m from a spanish scanlation team called “Kurai Wonderland”
    and we want to translate this project into our language~
    so if you could give us permission that would be great, we’ll credit you c: !


    1. I’d say yes if you want to translate it, but I don’t really have permission from the Chinese scanlation group either (uhoh).
      If you want the Chinese release and stuff (better images than my Photoshop content-aware redrawing), you can get it from their Weibo:


  3. Thank you for picking this up and your hard work on this, as it looks really promising. Anyway, can you briefly spoil what occurs in chapter 20? H. turns evil all of a sudden – how it came to this? (Is there a spoiler tag in this comments?) From what I gather, each case involves a different set of characters, it’s a shame as I started to like the MC and in general I’m not really fond of rotating protagonist/story format. Once more, thank you for your time spent on scanlating this series, much appreciated.


    1. I’m not sure about different character per CASE (it doesn’t look like that’ll be the case), but I hope it doesn’t do that. But guess we’ll find out in chapter 21.
      Since there’s no spoiler tags in,
      I’ve put what happened in the following page.


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