Notice Regarding Rengoku no Karma.

To anyone who cares:

You may have guessed this already (considering how I started translating), but…
I just want to apologize for this, as I have to drop this project.

As you may know, I’m not a group and just doing this for fun (well, everyone is I think). That being said, this is consuming way more time than just being a fun activity.
Due to numerous assignments piling up and exams approaching, I realized I simply do not have any more time to spare just sitting down all day (from waking up until sleeping) on weekends and whenever else I can squeeze in time just to translate and redraw/colour the pages. Not to mention I also feel guilty about just using the Chinese images as they’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort cleaning the raws. So, rather than delaying the rate or calling hiatus or something, I’ll just completely put this away.

I still question myself, what was I thinking when I first began to translate the first chapter of this. Clearly attempting to do something out of my league.

Hopefully the first two chapters caught someone else’s attention and they will be willing to continue the project. Although this manga has its ups and downs and many questionable decisions, I still think it’s really interesting. So if Yuusha ga Shinda (sometimes I question myself on that too) were to end and this is still abandoned by everyone, then I’ll pick it back up.

If anyone would like the Japanese raws (can’t find or too lazy), just tell me and I’ll give a download link.

If you want to yell at me or anything, I completely understand.
It was my fault for starting something I couldn’t do, and I deeply apologize for it.


18 thoughts on “Notice Regarding Rengoku no Karma.

  1. T’is all good. It wasn’t translated at all before, so it’s kind of a rather to have loved and lost type of thing. Hopefully someone does pick it up. It’ll just be on my list so I don’t forget it.

    Good prioritizing.

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  2. It’s a pity, but completely understandable. Thank you for all the work that you have done so far. Anyway, chapter 21 is up (jCafe) and from looks of it each case introduce a different set of characters. The chance of the previous protagonist to show up I’s pretty slim, unfortunately.


  3. Hello~ I’m from Muninki and we’re very interested in picking up this project. We may be slow and understaffed but we will try our hardest to get this done! We were wondering if you had any Chinese scans since our Japanese translator is currently busy. Thanks for your time 😀


      1. Hello! I have a minor question about how you translated some of this series. The purgatory lady seems to have a slight verbal tic in the Chinese scans but it doesn’t appear to have been incorporated in your translation. ie. she says this a lot “我说” so was that present when you translated the previous 2 chapters or should we just take it out?

        Thanks a lot ; u ;)/


        1. I think it’s fine, she didn’t talk a lot in the previous two chapters.

          I looked through the pages and the only time she said “我说” was in chapter 2 page 47 I think.
          For that I did a comparison with it to the Japanese version since I wasn’t sure how to translate it.
          She said:
          In Japanese: “ちょっと, ちょっと!”
          In Chinese: “我说你啊!”
          So I just made it to “Oi, oi!”


          1. Ahh I see I see >< well we made do with it 😄 I hope it's okay.

            P.S. We're probably going to release it sometime this week. :3
            P.S.S. We should get permission from the Chinese scanlation group, right? O.O how do we contact them?

            Thanks for everything! OTL


            1. I’m not really sure, since I kinda…. just… uh….. …..
              But you can probably send them a message on Weibo or QQ,
              though I’m not sure how they work


  4. Hello,

    I’m Eckhart, the admin of a French scanlation team called One Pilgrim and we would like to scanlate Rengoku no Karma using your translation (unfortunately, we don’t have any japanese translators). Can we have your permission to do so? We’ll credit you in our credits page.

    Even if you couldn’t keep on scanlating RnK in the end, thank you for your work. Thanks to you people could discover this very interesting manga. 🙂

    Best regards,


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