Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 24 + Extra

The names were correct. Google Translate is amazing.

Download: https://mega.nz/#!wRInwL5S!YVuQXqRRplKjBc0Vcrp_pitGHS8u1riUtbvQL2Htnxk

Just realized the demon always talked normally. Oops. He spoke in Katakana which was what confused me.

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21 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 24 + Extra

    1. not sure if I can call this leaked, don’t know where they got it from, maybe the book?
      But sshhhh, this isn’t supposed to be out yet, not on Urasunday at least


      1. Ah, I knew it. no wonder after I read it and check it on urasunday if it really out or not. there’s no new chapter after 23.


  1. you should put the download link first before the manga. if i knew there is a dL link before i read it, i would have download it first.


  2. awesome double chapter this week, that tight sword is just come out of nowhere, the story getting better and better, love it


    1. Dunno how the MangaOne app works, lol
      Waiting for my Japanese iTunes giftcard to come. There’re so many short side stories, might as well do them all at once xD


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