Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 33

Download: https://mega.nz/#!wNJTla5B!d1btWZeqdSlcJFxQFdGj6pLNPmff1mxfqOmDj-i3icY


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12 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 33

  1. demon with oppai, please dont die
    Margaret I love you, your empty exuvia still not perfect, you left your skirt, next time do it better XD
    Touka in Yuna, i knew it, you have talent to use the hero sword, with yuna skill i believe it will be awesome
    about the new pact of heroes, i am not so sure about them, they seem will just kill all those zombies without a doubt, even though they knew that those people still can be saved
    i wonder who is the mastermind behind the oppai demon, is it another necromancer?
    well, thanks for the release Maxred, its awesome as always


  2. Thank it would be great if touka go back to his original body
    but hero body was more more strong and immortal
    and no thigh next week again i’m sad


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