Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 37


Can’t decide on what Milly calls Touka. Big Brother Touka, Touka Big Brother, Big Bro Touka all sounds really weird, so I went with Touka-nii.

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10 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 37

  1. Rofl @ the flashback-conversation-in-thought-bubbles cuz everybody is sitting right there listening XD

    So, why would Dad send Yuna back to the village if that’s where Touka is supposed to be? Definitely something going on here.

    And ‘Before the world is saved, I’ll live as a sword,’ might make more sense as ‘Until the world is saved…’ ?

    FIX YUNA PLZ >.<


  2. the story developed pretty well, we have see yuna family, next, we should see touka family, maybe somehow they are heroes family but Touka and Yuna abandoned because their lack of magic.
    well, the dead hero background need to be explored too, see, there are so much potential in this manga, the possibilities are limitless XD


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