Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 46



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15 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 46

  1. “What would have happened if he was killed here?” ??? o.O

    Thank you yet again 😀 (at least we get to see what’s up with Yuna, yay~)


    1. Now that I look at it again, Yuna might not have been the one that said that… uhoh…
      What I was thinking at the time was
      Yuna: “I’ve heard what Milly said about Touka saving us.” -sees a war zone- “If he died here, then we’d be dead too.”
      Yuna: “If this isn’t real, would dying here impact the real world?”


      1. Hm, so was it Touka saying ‘if I died here’ or ‘if I die here’ present tense for ‘now in the illusion?’

        Doesn’t really matter if it means ‘in the illusion’ or ‘at this battlefield in the past,’ I doubt Touka can die in the illusion cuz this demon wouldn’t let his victims run around freely, though I guess they don’t know this at the time…. eh. I know Japanese isn’t helpful for tense and subject XD

        I’ll play picky grammar nazi too and mention that ‘playing a ‘ is the one you’re looking for not ‘ of the dice.’ Thanks again!!


            1. Please don’t worry about it! It’s a minor error and anybody bothered by it will know what you meant 😉

              When spellcheckers can catch errors like that they will probably be writing posts for us…


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