Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 50



14 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 50

  1. I thought Shion … strongly disliked… Touka? I would have expected some trouble before now… And if they have Shion’s soul why is Touka needed?? I would have thought Anri would have seen something like that by now… @_@ arrgh…

    Thanks so much for the chapters~!!


      1. I didn’t say ‘hate’ but perhaps a better phrase would have been ‘Shion thinks of/treats Touka like shit’ (? at least from what we’ve seen) so why would he be supposedly ‘okay’ with Touka running around in his body…?

        And if Anri can just can stick anybody’s soul into Shion’s corpse why not just Shion if he didn’t pass on? Some fkery going on here imo… Magic sword indeed.


  2. so, shion’s soul is inside that sword, never expect that, maybe in the end shion will get his own body back.
    the master is such a tsundere,
    grandpa you are best man in this chapter, i am glad to see there are still good demon, i wonder is there are a way the boobs demon release her curse magic without killing her, such a waste if she has to die.

    snot master definitely has some plan for that magic warrior, maybe to spread zombie virus or else to trick the hero. he must be plant something inside her head, cant wait for next chapter and see more of touka trick


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