Criminale! Chapter 18


Is it just me or did I see a new character…

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13 thoughts on “Criminale! Chapter 18

    1. It looks like previous sketches on how the Author wanted it to look. Honestly I don’t like how some of them look and prefer the ones we have right now. I wonder what will the Mc do once he’s awoken? Imagine him teaming with Harukana. Would make one badass criminal duo…


  1. I ship him with Harukana!!! They are so good together.
    I love when Komori imagined both of them being in Love. Though that’s a pretty wild imagination going to fast…
    Such a short chapter!!!!! What happen to 2 chapters a week?!


  2. Thanks! Sad that we’re caught up though… This is one of my favourite mangas! (With a high quality translation too)


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