Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 66





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10 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 66

  1. I suppose it would be too predictable if Shion’s friends just helped out like nice people…

    And did I miss the reason why they don’t let Shion out (in Touka’s body)? Wouldn’t he be useful for training if nothing else?

    Hope you had a relaxing break and thanks for the chapters!


  2. Umm, thanks for your reply about the source of Criminale! chapters. I wanted to ask something about translating and typesetting again if you don’t mind.
    Is there a way to port (I don’t know what word should I use here) translation from mag scan to raw tank scan?
    I though about using stamp on photoshop but does that mean I have to resize the mag scan to the size of the tank? Or there is no easy way out of this and I should start all over again with the tank scan? I don’t know where to ask

    If I’m being a bother, then you can just ignore this 🙂
    Thank you~


    1. If you open 2 documents in Photoshop, you can duplicate the layers into the other document if you highlight everything you want and set the destination if that’s what you mean.
      The screentones between the two is also completely different so if you’re cloning redrawing, I’d imagine it to be impossible


      1. Thank you very much for the new chapters!
        I see, it is quite the impossible task eh? I’m gonna try and see it for myself.
        Been searching here and there for guides, but there really is no easy way for this, hahaha.
        Thank you very much for the answer as well~


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