Haven’t slept in 2 days so I decided to translate some manga.
For some reason, I just really wanted to translate this chapter.
I probably don’t have time to translate this after my break is over, RIP.

My random impulses to translate more manga always screws me over.

Last panel is saying: “To put it simply… *look at title of manga*, I guess”
Title of manga: I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated


27 thoughts on “Nothing

      1. Thanks, do you mind if I try to translate it to my main language~?
        Also, can I help you with type or something in this manga? I would gladly help, unless you know.. they kill the loli or something like this, haha.


  1. I really enjoyed the first chapter, as I hate reading novels I hope you continue to translate it in your rhythm as always, thanks for all the chapters until today.

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