Choujin! Chapter 01 – 02

Only got 8 chapters. So here’s all of them in a single batch.
Sorry, what I mean was I only have 8 chapters. So here’s all I have.
Only 1 volume is out at the moment, and there will be more later,

Just a heads up, I don’t know some of what they are talking about, so my terminology is very limited that or I just used the words wrong…


Using jpg because I can’t get the images to look any better…


5 thoughts on “Choujin! Chapter 01 – 02

  1. oh, my. this story is absolutely wonderful, so far! i actually decided to hunt it down immediately i read it yesterday and have been thinking about it all day. this might be an instant fave and i read a LOT of manga/ln. i also spotted somewhere this was based on a novel? will that possibly be translated too sometime?


    1. No one is translating it at the moment, but anything could happen. I would translate novels if my English was better. I still remember the few chapters of Mismarca I translated, my friend said I blinded him, lol


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