Choujin! Chapter 07 – 08


And that’s it for volume 1. Yay~

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25 thoughts on “Choujin! Chapter 07 – 08

      1. Nope, there are more. I guess I wasn’t being clear
        somehow made everyone think there are only 8 chapters.
        What I mean was I only have 8 chapters. I just don’t have access to raws for more
        but will soon when they release more volumes

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  1. Hah this is such a crazy story I love it. It’s like the author said heh fuck everyone I’ll make my own stuff and if you enjoy it you enjoy it.


  2. Thanks for translating this. I didn’t realize it by the name initially, but seeing the seven on the first chapter I’m pretty sure there is a novel version for this as well. Thanks to you, a novel that I was on the fence about reading will now be greedily devoured by me!


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