Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 89



Oh no… Criminale ended…
I hope Yuusha ga Shinda can keep going T-T

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9 thoughts on “Yuusha ga Shinda! Chapter 89

    1. Some of the relevant tweets from the Criminale writer (https://twitter.com/swimmer1783) & the Criminale artist (https://twitter.com/MACAO1423)

      From the Artist:

      Health problems & on two-part release of Ch.33

      -old health problems re-surfaced in the beginning of the year
      -failed to pace himself properly for ch.33 (I’m guessing it was a delayed release and/or problems with final output?)
      -This is why Ch.33 was released in two-part across two weeks instead of one.

      Serialization ending due to health problems?

      -says its a more “simple reason”. doesn’t confirm or deny.
      -would have liked to draw a bit more if possible, but won’t be able to.

      From the Writer:

      On the End

      -Got to write everything he had in plan when they first stated.
      -Was grateful to see the series get printed for volume releases (since it is on a web-magazine)

      Missing stuff:

      -Wasn’t able to resolve the romance parts and the incident mentioned in Chapter 4.
      -Want to end them in for the final volume (vol.4)
      -Volume 4 will release around July

      Future work:

      -Criminale was a collaboration with @MACAO1423, but will be working alone for next one.


      -New series will be coming to MangaOne/UraSunday (same magazine)
      -There will be a oneshot beforehand too. (Not sure where though)


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