Criminale! Chapter 35


This is the last chapter. Here’s Anon’s comment that pretty much sums it up.

Criminale also made one for MangaOne breaking 10 million downloads


The end
It’s been a nice ride

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9 thoughts on “Criminale! Chapter 35

  1. Many thanks for translating this series. Truly, a nice ride. I really enjoyed reading it, though I would really like to see it continuing, as I would have liked to see the romance matters settled (and well, more about their lives naturally).


  2. Thank you for translating the series.
    All things considered it ended well.
    And you know it was a good series when you still wish that it was going.
    I’m going to miss it.


  3. Thank You for the Translation! Hopefully we get a continuation once the author’s health gets better. I understand why he had to end it but my heart is still in turmoil. This manga is GENIUS and it has to have Tamito’s power showing off and romance.


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