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23 thoughts on “Criminale!

  1. Hey Wakga, is there any way I can contact you directly? Somewhere like an email, IRC, twitter, discord, or anything?


    1. Right now, yeah. But there are only 3 more chapters left so I’m almost caught up with this series. So afterwards, it’ll be 1 chapter every 2 weeks or so


  2. I also want to know that, but I can’t find the new raw chapter come out yet so I think it will be a while until it does come out


  3. Some of the relevant tweets from the Criminale writer ( & the Criminale artist ( on Criminale’s ending.

    From the Artist:

    Health problems & on two-part release of Ch.33

    -old health problems re-surfaced in the beginning of the year
    -failed to pace himself properly for ch.33 (I’m guessing it was a delayed release and/or problems with final output?)
    -This is why Ch.33 was released in two-part across two weeks instead of one.

    Serialization ending due to health problems?

    -says its a more “simple reason”. doesn’t confirm or deny.
    -would have liked to draw a bit more if possible, but won’t be able to.

    From the Writer:

    On the End

    -Got to write everything he had in plan when they first stated.
    -Was grateful to see the series get printed for volume releases (since it is on a web-magazine)

    Missing stuff:

    -Wasn’t able to resolve the romance parts and the incident mentioned in Chapter 4.
    -Want to end them in for the final volume (vol.4)
    -Volume 4 will release around July

    Future work:

    -Criminale was a collaboration with @MACAO1423, but will be working alone for next one.


    -New series will be coming to MangaOne/UraSunday (same magazine)
    -There will be a oneshot beforehand too. (Not sure where though)

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  4. Thank You for Translating This Master Piece! I enjoyed every chapter and so sad it ended. But not the author’s fault because of his health’s problems. Hopefully we’ll get a continuation because My Heart Can’t handle this and needs MORE of this Comedy’s Goldeness!


  5. Hi everyone, hi Wakga team, vol.4 of Criminale! has been released on Amazon JP in 19th July.
    I hope team keep continues to translating this volume, I really want to see it.
    Good luck and healthy guys. ^.^


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